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  The Chairman : Tagao Taki



Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding with regards to our supporting activities.

NPO ZENKAIKEN is urgently requesting donations to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Northeastern Japan on March 11th 2011.

The damage wrought by the massive earthquake that struck Northeastern Japan has been devastating. Estimates already place the dead and missing above ten thousand and the people rendered homeless are in the hundreds of thousands.

NPO ZENKAIKEN Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund aims to provide both immediate and middle to long –term support to ensure a full recovery of the disaster-struck areas, in an accountable and timely manner.

Our medium to long-term plans will have a particular focus on providing education to children who have been orphaned in the disaster, disabled individuals, and immigrants, especially to all persons on education. Thank you very much for your attention, and would you please support the Children, who are particular in need, in Northeastern Japan.


Donations by bank transfer can be made to the following account.

Bank name     :  The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd

Branch name      :  Kasai-shiten

Account name    : NPO ZENKAIKEN

Account number : 4884720

*Please include the following:

From individuals: The name of your nation Japanese or and your name or the name of your prefecture and your name.

From groups : The name of your group or school and the number of people of your group.

We have been able to support children and their parents through donations generoushy provided by people from abroad as well as by people from inside Japan.                  We appreciate your help. Thank you very much.