The only international educational organization in Japan for foreign children, children returning from other countries,  children living overseas, and Japanese language education  Concerned with education from Kindergarten through University.


Non-Profit Organization (NPO) 

The All Japan international Educational Research conference


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NPO ZENKAIKEN Project      Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

Education for Japanese children living overseasManagement and resource distribution for overseas educational institutions (Consultation center for children living overseas now open

  Education for Japanese children returning to Japan from overseas ( Research, Distribution, and Understanding ) ( ex. Examination Consultation ) Consultation Center For returning children now open. 

 International understanding education ( Research group, meetings for practical training, bulletin publication)

Education for foreign children living in Japan ( Reserach,distribution,and understanding )

       Japanese  Language Education ( teaching materials list ), how to use and distribute material.       

 Supplementary Japanese Language lesson for schools ( Home Page)


   Research Conference Information  (2019 Conference in Hokkaido,Asahikawa city )

Next (2020) Conference in Miyazaki                

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